About Paradise Resort

Paradise Resort is a brand new home is located on the Kumbakonam Tanjore main road . A quite suburb just next to Darasuram Iravadeswarar Temple . The area still has a number of beautiful Temples sprinkled all over the town, most of them are very ancient temples. Another famous temple is Swamimalai which is one among the six abodes of Lord Muruga . It is a perfect vacation get-away and has a gorgeous view of the entire Resort from all its rooms. Mr. K. Ganapathi Raman, Charted Accountant by profession having multinational experience has ventured in to the creation of the Paradise Resort. A kind and a friendly person, he fits the requirements of the hospitality industry. Latha Raman, an M.B.A graduate and an able administrator has joined her husband Ganapathy Raman by his side in the creation of a resort called paradise. An articulate person by nature, she has taken Inspirations of Rustic, Colourful, Vibrant Indian Village Ambience with a mixture of south Indian culture to reflect in hutments created at paradise.